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Texas House Set To Vote On School Bus Seatbelt Bill

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The Texas House of Representatives is set to vote on a piece of critical legislation that would require Texas schools to purchase buses with three-point lap-shoulder belts for passengers after 2010. Also, the legislation would require Texas schools to only use chartered motorcoach buses with three-point lap-shoulder belts after 2014.

The legislation is a result of the tragic school bus accident that occurred last March 29, 2006, near Devers, Texas, and took the life of two West Brook High School students and critically injured several others.

Finally, after years of flying under the government’s “radar” , motorcoach and school bus manufacturers are being pushed in the right direction to implement and provide the most basic safety devices that car occupants have been provided for decades. This legislation is long overdue and everyone should contact their state representative and senator and tell them to vote in favor of this legislation. The legislation is House Bill 323 and is being referred to as “Ashley and Alicia’s Bill” in memory of the two girls that were killed last year. This legislation will protect our children as they travel to/from school and school events.