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Construction Workers Lift Bus to Save Girl

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After a collision involving a car and bus on Tuesday, construction workers came to the rescue of a five-year-old-girl who was pinned under the bus, managing to free her.

A car ran a red light and smashed into a Primrose School bus causing it to roll over, said Police. Nine people were hurt in the crash, including seven children ages five and six and two adults.

Nearby construction workers used their collective strength to lift the bus off a five-year-old girl, saving her life.

David Eastep was working when he said he saw his fellow construction workers run off towards the site of the accident.

“So me and my buddy right here took off running to see what had happened and to see if anyone was hurt,” he said. “That was when we saw the little girl out the back window and the bus was on top of her.”

Another worker, said a group of about five to seven men automatically ran to the bus and teamed up to lift it off the girl.

“They picked up the van off that little girl,” he said. “It was just amazing to me what people can do just in a split second.”

It is a joyous miracle that she lived through the accident and they were able to save her. The children were taken to Cook Children’s Medical Center. Most of the children were treated and released, one five-year-old remains in the ICU in stable condition.